Advanced I.C&C Boost Charge Technology .


New approach for charging Lithium- ion with Advanced IC&C method
-Development of charge management for Li-Ion battery

Li-Ion battery, compared to nickel-metal hydride (NiMH),nickel-cadmium(NiCd) and Lead-Acid battery , has remarkable advantages such as high energy density, high operating voltage and no memory effect. However, Li-ion battery requires to be managed strictly to avoid causing deterioration of performance or failure in charge and discharge operations. We would like to present the following advantageous features and performance of our advanced I.C&C method.

□ Expecting to keep cycle life longer than by the existing charging method
□ Selectable high charging current under permissible range of battery
□ Controllable state of charge ( end of charge at 70%, 80% and so on ,for example)
□ Responsible to strict requirements in safety management such as;
  / Stopping charging in case that the state of battery does not reach a preset value in the process of    charge
  / Limiting charging current to prevent over current
  / Monitoring temperature of battery
  / Preventing over charging voltage to each cell in case of multi-serial packed cells
  (Charging voltage 4.1V per one cell as upper limit for example)

For designing charger of Li-Ion battery used as the main power supply for mobile devices such as;
□ Communications devices ( Cellular phones, PDAs, etc)
□ Information devices ( Notebook PCs, Handy terminals ,etc)
□ Audio and video devices and others
□ EV and Power Managing System


Profile of TECHNO CORE
Techno Core International Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 with the purpose of enhancing the performance of chargers for Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd and Lead Acid rechargeable batteries.
Through our research of the existing charging methods for rechargeable batteries and their characteristics, we have implemented the specific technology named and symbolized as Advanced I.C&C charging method modified for practical use based on I.C &C (Interrupted Check and Charge) ,in which we have succeeded in embodying our original idea of detecting the state of charge.
Type of our business
Instead of having our own factory for mass production, we have endeavored to focus on research, development and design ,as our highest priority has always been to meet our customers’ requirements. This explains well why license fee /patent royalty and technical consulting have been a major factors in our business.
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